Guimaras Biking Circuit / Map Guide



Guimaras has been a busy place for bikers

When someone speeks Guimaras, firt thing comes to our mind are mangoes, Guimaras island is more than just being the mango capital of the world, Guimaras is also famous in mountain biking and a lot of tourist spots waiting to be explored.

Exploration in the island province is best done through cycling, motor biking, running and sailing throughout the island.

As a means for exploration, cycling is a refreshing alternative for discovering new tourist attractions off the beaten path. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the beauty of the island, but riding a bike is one of the most active ways to spend your leisure time.

We all have those exercises we dread working on but the challenge given by this island make it more extreme. Even if you hop on your bike and take it seriously pedaling furiously and feeling a deep burn in your quads there’s a good chance you’ll still love it despite the difficulty of the trails, there are also some routes for beginner where you can just enjoy the beauty of the nature.

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  1. Eco-Park
  2. Atlas-Ride
  3. GMBA Track1
  4. Toto’s Pension
  5. Down to Coast
  6. Daliran Cave
  7. GMBA Track2
  8. Happy Trails
  9. President’s Trail 1
  10. Balaan Bukid Shrine
  11. President’s Trail 2
  12. BDI
  13. Galvez
  14. Duffs Appetizer
  15. Rock Garden
  16. Galvez XC
  17. Bantayan View
  18. MT 11
  19. Abby’s Fall
  20. Jordan to Sta. Ana
  21. Back Door
  22. Through Heavenand Hell
  23. Not Ready
  24. Woodland XC
  25. Valle Verde
  26. Mango Laps
  27. Sunset View
  28. Swat 18
  29. Rooftop