Welcome to Guimaras

The province of Guimaras is comprised of a mainland and clusters of small islands and islets. The mainland dominates in terms of land area which comprises of about 98 percent of the total provincial area. The 42 islets comprising the Taklong islands are utilized for marine research activities.


Guimaras is an island province surrounded by body of water in which the largest is the Guimaras Strait on the western side of the island. It is the most important water body used for navigation. Large and small boats going in and out of the provinces of Iloilo and Guimaras pass Guimaras Strait which makes it an important economic driver that facilitates economic activities for both provinces.

There’s plenty to do during your Discover Guimaras holiday. You can enjoy a wide selection of island/mountain resorts which offers an abundance of water sports and activities, historical and religious sites which introduces the dynamic and vibrant history of the island, different adventure, ecotourism as well as agritourism sites with glowing freshwater caves, year-round events and festivals depicting the cultural heritage of Guimaras Islands.